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Halloween for families and kids

Halloween for families and kids

You wish to visit the park with the whole family? That's no problem. Walibi also takes into account the smallest among us during this period.

Halloween Walibi is back! 

What if your kids love Halloween? No problem, the Rebbiez have got you covered! They’re the children of the Junkyard gang, tired of playing by the rules of the grown-ups. They want to have their own version of the holiday and they want to make it the best one ever! So they’ve created a bunch of spooky challenges to find out which brave children have the true Halloween spirit and should be allowed to join their gang to celebrate with them. 

Halloween for children

Families with (small) children can also enjoy the biggest Halloween event in Belgium until 5pm without being too frightened. The youngest can face hidden dangers and small fears in specially created zones.

Happy Halloween

Message to all children: come join the Rebbiez, the most badass group of kids you have ever seen! They prank adults for Halloween and show off their secret trick-or-treating skills. Their challenges are just the coolest! And the best part? If you complete them, you get to join their gang and celebrate the best Halloween ever!

Lucifer Show

Dark, passionate, a master of illusion - Christian Farla and his sexy crew will bend reality until you're weak at the knees. They'll make you hold your breath, gasp, even scream out loud when they defy all logic right in front of your eyes. Don't believe us? Go and see their crazy Halloween special for yourself!

Dracula 4D

Did you tease the grownups and show your naughtiest Halloween behaviour? Then you certainly deserve a break in our 4D cinema. This week's special? Vampires! But watch out: even though you're sitting in a movie theatre doesn't mean you're safe... Only for brave and courageous kids!

A bit of fear, a lot of fun!

Come and see the spookiest abracadabra in town! This magician has an evil streak: he loves to play with fire, deceive your eyes and tease his assistant terribly. Always keep your eyes wide open… because he will try to trick even the cleverest of you!

Anti-Monster badge

For children who do not like monsters, a special anti-monster badge is available at the park. Show this badge to the monsters in the park and be amazed by its power to scare away the monsters.