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Tickets Walibi Belgium
Avez-vous déjà tester un buffet à volonté à Halloween dans un parc d'attractions ? Non ? C'est maintenant ou jamais !

Freaky Pizza Festival

  • Restaurant

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    Welcome to a dining experience like no other, where the line between delicious and horrifying blurs in a chilling circus of flavors! As you savor every bite of your pizza, be prepared for spine-chilling interruptions from lurking killer clowns, ready to frighten and thrill. Amidst the screams, cast your gaze upon the restaurant's wicked chef, a Master of Culinary Terror, conjuring delectable nightmares in a kitchen adorned with sharp knives, splattered blood, and remnants of human skin. With each tantalizing dish, brace yourself for an unforgettable climax that will leave you both horrified and delightfully satisfied.

    Freaky PIzza Buffet dans un parc d'attractions Walibi Belgium