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The Curse of AMUN

The Curse of AMUN

  • Haunted houses

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    Ancient history, too boring for you? Not tonight!

    The mummy of Semerkhet was supposed to be the main attraction of our exhibition this year. He was a rival claimant of the throne during the first Egyptian dynasty, rumoured to have died after being cursed by the god Amun-Ra for stabbing one of his priests in the heart in the middle of his temple. Since he was of noble birth, Semerkhet was embalmed and mummified, and buried with a host of servants in a small pyramid outside Saqqara. 

    We would have been proud to show you the sarcophagus and the mummy in wonderful condition, were it not for the curse of Amun-Ra. It was reactivated after someone stole one of the golden amulets with the 6 amethysts from the mummy's chest. Our curators didn't believe the curse was real, so they brought the sarcophagus to Walibi anyway and stored it in their warehouse until the exhibition would open. 

    Now, they have lost their minds, hearing voices and imagining terrifying mummies coming back to life. They say these ragged mummies want to harvest human organs and put them in jars to appease the god Amun-Ra. They also insist that when you touch the sarcophagus, the curse will transport you back to the place where it all started… the excavations in Egypt! 

    Obviously, we don't believe those cursed curators and their hallucinations, but have closed the warehouse as a safety measure anyway. Also, we strongly encourage you not to enter, in case the curse of Amun-Ra should descend upon you too!