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Nagulai, one of the most scary haunted house at Walibi Belgium


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    Our exorcism failed: Nagulai is back!

    Two years ago, Walibi managed to expel Nagulai, the devilish demon from India in the shape of a crow. Yet, somehow she found her way back from the great beyond, out for revenge. She wasn't always like this, you know...

    A long time ago, she was just another girl in the Sultan's harem. She grew older, became more and more beautiful and the Sultan fell deeply and madly in love with her. So much so, that he started sending her presents every day: beautiful golden jewels, delicately hand-sewn dresses and - her favourite - a thin, blood-red veil. Nagulai used it for exotic nightly dances to keep the Sultan enthralled. But he wasn't the only one who fell madly in love with the dancing beauty. His Head Guard, who was always around to protect the Sultan, couldn't resist her charms either. Against her better judgement, Nagulai started seeing the Head Guard in secret and for a while, everything worked out fine. Until... she became pregnant. To protect her virtue, she told the Sultan the baby was his. As he had been incapable of fathering a child with any woman in his harem so far, the Sultan was overjoyed. He promptly started making arrangements to marry Nagulai and even sent her a wedding dress in the same bloody red as the veil she danced with so seductively.  

    On the eve of the wedding, the Sultan went to see a fortune teller to find out if the child would be a boy, an heir to his throne. The fortune teller looked in her crystal ball and revealed that the baby wasn't his. Enraged, the Sultan ordered the Head Guard to be cruelly tortured and beheaded. Nagulai was made to witness it all and then thrown in a pit with venomous snakes. Their bites paralysed her and the Sultan let her and the baby starve. When the crows came to peck out her eyes, she couldn't move. Nobody came to her rescue and soon after, she died.

    Instantly, her spirit came back with a ghoulish taste for vengeance. Taking the shape of the crows that stole her eyes or the snakes that took her freedom, she hunts people to eat their organs and drink their blood. Nagulai believes it will give her the strength to resurrect her lover, so they can hunt and torture the Sultan's Soul together forever. Whatever you do, do not get in her way!