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Dracula 4D at Walibi Belgium

Dracula 4D

  • Haunted houses

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    Even the most wicked children deserve a break every now and then.

    Have you been brave and strong today? Did you tease the grownups and show your naughtiest Halloween behaviour? Then you certainly deserve a break!

    We're not talking about howling at the moon or wearing vampire teeth to scare the little kids. No, it's time to sit back, relax and have some serious fun — with a little bit of creepy-crawly thrown in. If this sounds good to you, come to our 4D cinema. This week's special? Vampires! But watch out: even though you're sitting in a movie theatre doesn't mean you're safe... Evil will try to pop out of the screen and scare you while you watch. Only for truly brave and courageous kids!