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Lost Forest at Halloween Walibi Belgium

Lost Forest

  • Haunted houses

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    Safety tip: avoid Lost Forest at any cost! 

    Remember the deepest, darkest woods you get lost in when you're having a nightmare and wake up screaming? Even the gang from Rebellion Land no longer walks the path at night. The rustling leaves carry screams of horror to every corner. Behind every ragged tree stump an evil spirit lurks to drag you off into the darkness. Shadows follow you around, souls who couldn't cross because they have known too much pain and suffering.

    And the light that looks warm and friendly and lights your safe passage? Even that can turn out to be treacherous and lead you into terror. From the moment you dare to set one foot off the path, it's like the whole forest works together to make sure you get lost and stay that way forever. When you do, you end up like the others that innocently came to camp, hunt or collect wood: they went insane with panic and dread and became a lost soul, roaming the forest for eternity trying to find a way back. The only possible way to make it through the forest, is not to go alone and never, never ever stray off the path...