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Mine Blast

Mine Blast

  • Haunted houses

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    Listen carefully: if you go looking for treasure here, you'll end up worse than dead.

    Are you one of those people who have always wanted to explore an abandoned mine in the hopes of finding some unearthed treasure? Well, there is a good reason these mines have been abandoned after the terrible collapse. 

    The only thing you'll dig up there are your deepest, darkest fears! After the tunnels blew up in a gas explosion and killed all the miners, a rotten stench has started to escape the entrance. Crushed torsos, bashed-in heads, torn-off limbs full of blood... rotting away in the mines and attracting all kinds of vermin. The rats first feasted on the eyeballs of the dead, then moved on to toes and fingers, and now they're nibbling away at the organs. At least, that's what everyone chooses to believe. 

    Because what no one dares to say out loud, is that those dead miners have come back from the beyond to grab you, drag you with them into the narrow mine shafts, and make you share the same fate. A fate worse than death if you don't make it to the exit in time...