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Tickets Walibi Belgium


Halloween until 10 pm

Experience a more intense Halloween during the nocturnes

Come to Halloween at Walibi Belgium and scream your lungs out until 10pm on 22, 29, 30 & 31 October and 1, 4 & 5 November 2022. The Halloween nocturnes will be even more terrifying from 7pm and you will scream even harder than you did before. Not recommended for sensitive souls !

The Forgotten

New haunted house

Remember the deepest, darkest woods you get lost in when you're having a nightmare and wake up screaming, bathing in sweat? Was it just a bad dream, wasn't it? Oh no, this is your relentless reality! Your boundless curiosity led you too far into the darkest bowels of the earth where evil originates. Inevitably lost and frantic with fear, you wander around looking for a way out. Can you escape in the nick of time or will you forever belong to “The Forgotten”? 

Rebellion Land
Last Shelter
Psycho Circus


This is a hidden place where the gang from Rebellion Land lurks in the shadows to snatch and torture you while you drink and have fun.

A Halloween Walibi oserez-vous franchir l'entrée du parc d'attractions ?