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Tickets Walibi Belgium
Last shelter à Walibi Belgium Halloween. Soyez prêts à affronter vos pires cauchemars !

Last Shelter

  • Scare zones

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    Mayday, mayday! The military base has been invaded... by a horde of zombies!

    Our troops managed to barricade the camp, containing the attacking zombies outside the compound, but the undead have officially taken over our headquarters at 1800 hours today. Any private going into the battle zone has to fight off wave after wave of brain-craving degenerates trying to get out. Civilians are strongly advised to stay out of the way, since the stinking rotting invaders are not fooled by camouflage or deterred by helmets. All they want, is a steaming fresh brain served inside the skull of the living. Our recommendation: if you don't have to be here, STAY OUT!