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Tickets Walibi Belgium
Psycho Circus à Walibi Belgium Halloween. Prêts à affronter vos pires cauchemars!

Psycho Circus

  • Scare zones

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Clowns didn't go bad for Halloween - they were never good to begin with.

Have you ever looked at a clown's face and realised there's something not quite right? Empty eyes staring too long at you, skin a little too white for paint, a red grin that refuses to be erased... In that moment, you just know something bad is going to happen. And you're right, these Killer Clowns don't want to make you happy. They want to make your blood curdle and your brain go numb with fear. Sure, they look like harmless pranksters. But as they pretend they're trying to make you giggle, they're actually scheming to catch you, maim you, kill you stone-cold dead. They'll laugh with their creepy smiles when they're chasing you around for fun with a chainsaw. The flowers on their lapels will not squirt the innocent water you expect, but a fierce acid that will melt away the flesh on your face. And those large floppy shoes that make them look harmless in a chase, actually hide their horrible hairy claws. So when you hear the shrill honk-honk of their funny little trumpets? You better drop everything, turn around and run for your life!