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Lucifer by Christian Farla à Halloween de Walibi Belgium! Êtes-vous prêts ?


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    Farla wants to do bad, bad things for you.

    Dark, passionate, a master of illusion - Christian Farla will bend reality until you're weak at the knees. He'll make you hold your breath, gasp, even scream out loud when he defies all logic right in front of your own eyes. Knives, chains, fire... he'll use whatever dangerous implement he can get his hands on to perform his death-defying acts. You'd either have to be certifiably insane to do what he does, or you'd have to be a Master of Magic. No wonder this daredevil and his sexy crew won the 2019 Merlin Award for International Magician of the year. Their impossible illusions will make anyone in the audience doubt their sanity. Don't believe us? Go and see their crazy Halloween special for yourself!

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