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Halloween 2021 HP

Fear the night

Steer clear. We’re serious – do not come any closer! A dark and dangerous gang has taken control of Walibi and they’re not planning to leave any time soon. They came out of nowhere, brutally invaded Walibi to settle into a zone they call ‘Rebellion Land’, a place that looks like a terrible junkyard ruled by the most fearsome of them all… a horrible woman named Cama who uses her brainpower to dream up the most skin-crawling punishment for the uninvited. Let this be your official warning: there’s no redemption beyond this point, no salvation, no refuge. Only terror. 

Enjoy the day

But what if your kids love Halloween? No problem, the Rebbiez have got you covered! They’re the children of the Junkyard gang, tired of playing by the rules of the grown-ups. They want to have their own version of the holiday and they want to make it the best one ever! So they’ve created a bunch of spooky challenges to find out which brave children have the true Halloween spirit and should be allowed to join their gang to celebrate with them. 

Rebellion Land
Last Shelter
Psycho Circus
Happy Halloween


This is a hidden place where the gang from Rebellion Land lurks in the shadows to snatch and torture you while you drink and have fun.