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Programme from 22/10 to 06/11/2022

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Do dare you ?

From October 22 to November 2022, 6, experience pure, raw, deliciously gruesome horror at Belgium's biggest Halloween event! Have frightening fun with the whole family during the day but beware… Evil is always lurking around, ready to drag your vulnerable little soul into a harrowing torture. Oh, are you the bold type? Don’t be too sure of yourself. 7 spine-chilling evening openings will plunge you into darkness, with no way out!

Nouvelle maison hantée à Walibi Halloween ! Oserez-vous y pénétrer ?
Rebellion Land, le repère des enfants perdus qui ont grandi. Une zone encore mystérieuse à Walibi.
Venez à célébrer Halloween dans un parc d'attraction près de Bruxelles à Walibi !
Walibi Halloween c'est aussi en famille!
Ambiance festive entre amis ou en famille à Halloween dans un parc d'attraction Walibi Belgium.

But what if your kids love Halloween?

No problem, the Rebbiez have got you covered! They’re the children of the Junkyard gang, tired of playing by the rules of the grown-ups. They want to have their own version of the holiday and they want to make it the best one ever! So they’ve created a bunch of spooky challenges to find out which brave children have the true Halloween spirit and should be allowed to join their gang to celebrate with them. 

A horrible gang has taken over Walibi: if you get captured, you’ll fear for your life!
Rebellion Land
Rebellion Land
Last Shelter
last shelter - scare zone
Psycho Circus
Pyscho circus for Halloween Walibi Belgium